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88 f 150 5.8 not charging fully i have replaced the altenator and battery twice this year!

posted by  blkbstrd

Check to see if you have a good engine to frame ground. Sounds simple but you could be grounding through the throttle cable or transmittion linkage. Does it just loose charge slowly or do you sometime just loose charge while driving or when you shut it off it doesn't like to start. All of these could be poor ground problems.

posted by  DaveC

I would head to or call first, a local parts store, and ask if they do battery/alternator testing for free....most do.

posted by  Diblue1121

is the alt an internal or external regulator
big black plug 3 wire's internal(check plug for rust/worn/loose terminals)replacment alt should come with a new plug

2 post terminal external regulator(check/test or replace)

posted by  osborste

Dear friends:
Any one knows how to remove driver's side door panel? I need this to check the power window amplifier or motor problem

Thanks advance


posted by  rpisteven

get your own thread....Thread jacker jeeeez :banghead:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

It could be both the battery and the alt. The battery should be fully charged prior to starting with a new alt because the alt will slam into a full charge mode and usualy burn out a diode. And if the alt is bad with a new battery then the battery doesn't get recharged properly. Your local parts store should charge and test the battery and charging system for free.

posted by  srober32

you must have that post as a hot-key gj dude :thumbs:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

is there really such a thing as a "power window amplifier"?


posted by  carls47807

btw, i told him about that plug deal on the fords the first time he posted this, and he responded back. so i think this post is just about dead, either he found the problem or he hates us :(.

posted by  carls47807

sorry I have not responded, I have been at work all day I am going to check it out tomorrow night it die at my friends house ill let you guys know what I find thanks for the input

posted by  blkbstrd

Who, me? Just cutting and pasting, cause I am tired of typing the same thing over, and over, and over, and over...
Maybe I'll make it my signature! :screwy:

posted by  srober32

Sure if you like loud power windows! :mrgreen:

posted by  srober32

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