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Just put a engine into my ford escort , i drove it around for about 1 hour, went into a store to do some shopping and when i come back i try to start it , nothing happens, i checked my battery cables, spark plug wires etc.. , my lights turn on i have power, but when i try to turn it on, no clicking from starter or anything its
just not turning over , just wondering what it maybe ? my friend thought it could be the tranny , what do you think , i am lost on this one.

posted by  coolbrezzeus

hmmm, is it possible that the car was somehow left in gear? I know I have made that foolish mistake once.....I wasn't paying attention, and left it in drive....does everything you said, but didn't turn over.

as for it being an actual tranny problem...that would not seem to be likely...especially if the starter isn't clicking.

posted by  dodgerforlife

ok i checked all my wiring it seems fine, im taking it to my friend to look @ the tranny, maybe it got stuck in gear, becuase it rolled in park now it dont since he messed with the linkage it dont do that , so i am hoping its only the tranny , what do you think ?

posted by  coolbrezzeus

if its stuck in gear your safety neutral switch is going to keep the car from starting (starter in park and neutral only) you said park so i think its automatic not standard(if it is standard check your clutch pedal there's a saftey switch there to make sure the clutch is pressed)
rolling issue did you or friend pull the hand brake rear brake's might be on cable siezed??
tranny's don't let go from a parked position never seen one to date anyway

2nd thought your buddy played with linkage the adjustment is all screwed up now park might be close but not close enough for the safety switch to make contact
3rd maybe this is all a waste and the starter finaly quit :laughing:

posted by  osborste

try holding the key in the start position, and slowly moving the shift lever all the way up and all the way down. see if the starter engages at all.

you could always jump the solenoid to make sure nothing is really wrong (but make sure you dont run yourself over if it is in gear. block the wheels, have someone inside holding the brake and be caref?)

osberstos wouldn't know better than i but the selonoid for my gt is right on the fender by the battery. just jump the two big posts with a screwdriver or something. if it is on the starter jump the big one with the little one.

posted by  carls47807

jump the battery cable at starter to the other big bolt dont use a wire or it will heat up and burn ya

well its nice to see the name change game start on me now :thumbs:
now i don't fell so left out :clap:

posted by  osborste

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