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Please help us. We got my daughter this really nice '98 Plymouth Breeze that all of a sudden the battery light came on to discover later that there is no belt on the alternator. Apparently it must have fell off and my daughter had no clue (probably didn't hear it since the radio was up so loud). Anyway, of course we do not have an owner's manual for the car, so we are in the dark as to how this bugger goes on. We have the belt, but are still clueless as to how it goes on.

Anyone with ideas -- suggestions????

posted by  justagirl

there is a reason the belt came off check all pulley's do they spin freely tensioner stiff/wornout or the belt itself is worn/stretched there should be a sticker on the front rad support or strut tower's with a pic of the belts routing

posted by  osborste

Thanks for you help. No stickers to be seen. We purchased a new belt. The one that was on the car is no where to be found so we assume that the belt broke. I guess we'll just try putting it on until it fits.

posted by  justagirl

motor size a/c? more info and we might be able to get you a belt diagram :mrgreen:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

got to the local dealer and get a belt routing out of the service manual.
be very careful that there is not a siezed a/c compressor.you should be able to spin it by hand.make sure that all the grooves are clear of debris from the old belt.,and that there is no burrs on the tensioner.the alignment is critical,if it is not done right the new serpentine belt will have a short life.since the belt has grooves,make sure it lines up right.

posted by  the lobster

or if you go to autozone.com, i think they have belt routing diagrams

posted by  dodger65

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