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We also have a 1991 Toyota Corolla, it's a little 4 cyl. At very random times, and days, does not want to start...in fact it makes no noise at all...I'll turn the key over, and it will click, one time, and do nothing. A few minutes later-a few hours later, it will turn over...spit and sputter, and fire right up. Any thoughts on this? It does mainly seem to do this when it's colder, or wet outside. It did this when I first bought the car too...the place I bought it from took it, worked on it, and (after 7 more times of them working on it, and not telling me what's up with it) it quit doing it. Now, a few years later, it's at it again.

posted by  Diblue1121

bad starter solenoid or conections at starter or safety neutral switch(auto)or clutch switch(manual)or ignition switch wornout

posted by  osborste

Haha yay!! :banghead: sounds like tons of fun either way...and it is an automatic. Ty for the suggestions, will check into it.

posted by  Diblue1121

there are 2 sets of contacts in the starter .its 1 1/2 hours labor or so to do it.some people use 8 dollar aftermarket contacts and they do not last.go to toyota and get the originals or get a new starter and its good for 10 years.the click will become more often because there is a dead spot.eventually you will have to turn the key on and off 7 or 8 times,and then it will go altogether.this process takes 4-5 months to happen.a toyota rebuild is good too.but the contacts are for sure the problem,i have seen 200 of these.

posted by  the lobster

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