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A week or so back I put in about a V W Passat doors not unlocking. The problem was that the child gards on the doors had been set and you con't open the doors from the inside an the pin on the outside latch was broken.
you can't get the inside door trim off with the door closed so their is the problem.If anyone ever runs into this problem their is a way to open the door.
It took a couple of hours to figer it out.Roll the window down as far as it will go down then pop the inside trim along the glass up a little an put a flat blade screw driver under it to hold it up .you onln need to pry about 3 inches along the glass so you can shine a light down into it. When you can see into the crack follow the window track down to the center of the latch. There is a lever their that the door handel trips .Take a 1/8 rod swlitely bent an reach in
push the lever down the door will open an then you have acess to the screw
that holds the latch into the door.Remove the latch ,replace the pin an you got it.

posted by  GMorrow

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