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I have a 1983 Ranger w/V6 2.8. The other day I went to start it. It started, but did not want to idle. It has carb, so I was able to adjust it high enough to run. Was able to get it back home. Now it doesn't like to start, but with a jump I can get it started, but still won't idle. I changed brain with one from junk yard. Still same prob. I'm thinking one of the carb solenoids, but not sure which one. I also haven't checked fuses yet, just thought of it. Everything else seems to work though. The only thing that has been different is the weather, very rainy, but truck sits under tree. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

posted by  mstangr69

check the idle control actuator motor being an 83 i think it would be a ford feedback carb next plugs wire's rotor and cap how do they look(age)moisture and worn ignition parts don't go good together. hows the air and fuel filter

posted by  osborste

is it running on all cylinders when it does run, or has it developed a regular miss?

posted by  dodger65

When it does run, it runs rough, but runs on all cyl. Also, it won't advance (timing), low on power.

posted by  mstangr69

your timing is computer controlled tfi module on the side of distributer your ignition signal is the pick up inside the distributer under the rotor when it doesn't start do you still have spark at the plugs if not one of these parts are failing

i still think your ignition system is weak right from the ignition pickup to the plugs (lack of power /does not run well in wet weather)

posted by  osborste

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