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I just got a 4" wide carbon fiber exhaust muffler on ebay and im not sure how to install it properly, i dont want to take it into a muffler shop and i want to learn how to do it on my own. How do you do it? wat other things do you need?


posted by  skaterpunk92988


posted by  skaterpunk92988

what size are the inlet and outlet pipe's i think the piping on a neon is 2" outside diameter need a little more info on the new muffler shape
and size of the pipeing on it if you got some pics of the new muffler that would help to

posted by  osborste m=7967874066&rd=1

that isnt the exact same one because mine is carbon fiber but its the same dementions

posted by  skaterpunk92988

ok take a look at the pic you need to cut the pipe then get an adapter pipe to fit 2 1/4" on one end the other to fit 2 1/2" two clamps 2 1/4 and 2 1/2
also a new hanger to hold the muffler try to keep it away from the bumper but not to low you dont want to bang it hitting bumps in the road
have fun

posted by  osborste

ya know, the muffler shop i used to work at charged $40 to install one of those (if you brought your own in) it took about 1/2 hr, they welded it and made sure it sealed, and hung it properly & made sure it didn't rattle and/or burn the bumper. now maybe you want to play w/ it for an afternoon and possibly make multiple trips to the parts store for adapters, hangers, and the like. for $40 and a no-leak/no-rattle guarantee, i'd vote you gain experience in installing a header or something else very staightforward...

posted by  dodger65

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