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hello everyone,

my father has a 1984 camaro z28, 305, 5spd manual. he bought it with 25k miles on it and it now has 35k. it has been sitting for many years and driven about 500 miles every summer since he's owned it.

ever since he bought it about 15 years ago it has always had a miss to the engine. it runs good when it is cold, but once it warms up the motor will cause the vehicle to "buck" when you are going at a steady speed down the road. it generally accelerates good with no problems, and it has all kinds of power.

also, sometimes it will run perfect, and sometimes it will run like garbage.

it has new plugs, cap, rotor, and wires (hei system with coil on top of dist.).

I read a lot of stuff about egr vacuum solenoids being bad or egr valves going bad, and i'm starting to think it is a problem in that system.

there is no check engine light on.

most of you guys seem very knowledgeable about this kind of thing, and i was wondering if there was a test procedure so that i could test the egr solenoid, and egr valve, or maybe get pointed into the right direction to figure this thing out. thanks for your help.


posted by  carls47807

the hei system you may want to check the terminal inside maybe loose or a poor ground to coil with that little metal prong piece

remove the egr check the center pin for being loose then take carb cleaner and fill the center pin it may leak slowly if it leaks to quick then its not a good seal as for the solenoid get a wiring diagram figur out which wire is ground and positive then apply power to it it should click i would think its ok
its more likely the egr valve having a worn out seal or leaking diapham use a hand vacuum pump to test this

posted by  osborste

when it is plugged in it clicks all the time (non stop), is this normal, and when it is unplugged completely the car seems to run smoother. just some ideas. i'll be sure to check that egr valve though, thanks for the tip :)

posted by  carls47807

if you have a repair manual for the car read up on the solenoid i dont think it should be working all the time that would cause vacuum to be applied to the egr at idle. idle rough ??

adding more the solenoid is grounded(activated) by the ecm maybe something else or ecm failing

posted by  osborste

so i checked the vacuum to the egr valve and there was no vacuum at idle. as i revved the motor up the vacuum went up (i put a vacuum gauge on it and it went up to about 40). i unplugged the solenoid and the same exact thing happened (it seemed to be working correctly. since being plugged in or not had nothing to do with the vacuum i decided to replace the "solenoid/egr position sensor" as it is called (it was only 20 bucks and i hate putting old parts back on). i took it for a spin and it seems to be running a lot better, so we'll see how it goes. If this doesn't work my next step will be to pull the egr valve and check it (is there any way i can test this with a vacuum pump on the vehicle?)

thanks for all your help osborste. seems like the dealer doesn't even know what the hell they are talking about :).

posted by  carls47807

the manual should give you a good run through of how test
theres two styles and i'm not sure which one you have one you can apply vacuum to and it should stumble/stall the engine the other is backpressure you need to block the tail pipe(limit leaks)while you apply vacuum(dont restrict the exhaust any longer than necessary for the test)engine idle should be affected stumble/stall thats it if it dont affect the idle or hold vacuum then replace egr

ps thank for getting the name right :laughing:

posted by  osborste

so i actually pulled the valve and tested it and it tested fine, it also has the new egr solenoid on it. it still runs like crap.

sometimes it will run perfect, and then it will suddenly get into a mode where it hesitates, no pick up (like it's starved of fuel, it def. isn't flooding out).

the quadrajet has a bunch of electrical connectors on it, could there be loose wire somewhere? or some other direction i should be pointed in. i'm running out of ideas on this thing.

no check engine light, what is that supposed to be telling me? (it comes on when you turn on the ignition (test)).

could a fuel pump work intermittently like this?

posted by  carls47807

10 dollars a can its -60 degrees f. if you have any electronic thing that is failing when warm,you can freeze it and see if it goes away.just do not spray it on high voltage stuff,because the condensation will cause trouble.autozone have 14 common things under troubleshooting for surges.
a bad o2 sensor can do it ,fuel filter ,fuel pump,catalytic converter,bad injector,and other stuff i would check all the wiring and connectors.usually after alot of wasted money its "the broken wire" at 800 dollars a foot.get a product called NUTROL and clean all the connectors.the car was not driven much and corrosion and oxidation can set in.

posted by  the lobster

i have a 1984 camaro with the same problem it runs fine until i push the gas all the way down it has a fluttering sound and doesn't take off fast like it should.

I don't know if it is the transmission, egr, rear differential or what? its also a automatic so idk if that means there could be more problems but i need help with this if any one can help?

84camaro   29 Jul 2012 08:10

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