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i own a 1988 chevy caprice v8 305 5.0L and i just got back from paying a 250 dollar bill to supposibly "fix" it.he gave it a tune up(plugs,wires,cap & rotor and he said it was wayyyyy out of time) but when i went on the highway and got off the off ramp, it started doing it again.ok, heres the problem, when i slow down to go to a stop, the car loses power and the lights dim but it doesnt die unless i stop hard.and when i start driving again and give it a little gas, it vibrates,loses power and makes a sound like a semi truck lugging it up a hill(the lifter tapping hard?)...

he reset the idle mixture, metering rod travel and the idle air bleed.

im thinking it might be a sensor in the carb. or a vaccum hose leak or a loose air conditioning connector because it makes a loud hissing air noise from behind the stereo and above it.and my airconditioner doesnt work except defrost and heat but i think its out of refrigerant.

i please need an answer thank you very much.

posted by  whiteboy23

take it back if its rattling the timing is off. if it has the ignition system ithink it does (seperate coil not in the dist cap) he may not have disconnected the est plug to set the base timing if he left it plugged in he adjusted computed timing that could be why he said the timing was way off .
he may have to readjust the carb again as well
for the vacuum leak the heater system is likely controlled by vacuum actuator's one maybe faulty allowing a vacuum leak this will affect the engine alittle as well

posted by  osborste

If that doesn't pan out check the timing chain as well. Take the distibuter cap off(leaving the ignition wires hooked up to it) and turn the engine by hand back and forth(180 to 360 degees should be sufficient), if the rotor does not turn much then your timing chain is stretched and needs to be replaced. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

seems that the timing is still off.the internal hiss sounds like a vacuum leak.check where the feed come through the firewall,and where the junction is,disconnect the small line and plug the hole.this will tell you if a vacuum leak is causing the problem.the vacuum line is probably tapped close to the cruise control actuator.

posted by  the lobster

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