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I recently had the head done on my 1992 toyota P/U. Everything went fine on the teardown and install. The problem I have is that the alternator fuselink is popping when I hook the battery up. This tells me I have a short. But where? I have checked all the possible wires that could cause this(or have I?) and they all seem ok. What am I missing????

posted by  Sevenout

did you have it done at a toyota dealer or local garage
when i started in to mechanics i did a head on a dodge aries during install i crushed the wireing between the head and engine didn't check for damage till the car came back with electrical problems just a thought
check the plastic casing/cover for the wireing for damage you might find they pinched some wire's

posted by  osborste

Also check for a good negative to engine connection.

posted by  srober32

if there was no ground or a poor ground there would be no current draw ,let alone blowing a 60 amp link.put a light bulb in series with the link to limit the current,then start unhooking harnesses to track where the short is.

posted by  the lobster

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