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I have 1990 subaru legacy. automatic 2wd 2.2l engine. It was running great, used it daily for work. Then one morning it just stops. The engine starts perfectly and revs up fine. Whin I put it in gear any gear but N the engine dies quickly. I have tried to rev it up when putting it in gear but no help. Please help. I dont want to take it to a tranny place and have them tell me its 1500 bucks for something simple. I do most of my own work but not a tranny guy. Thanks
169000 miles.

posted by  davidcolemanfl

i dont think you have tranny problem's it sound more like the engine cant handle the load of sitting in gear at idle maybe fuel or timing or ignition parts issue

posted by  osborste

Iam not a mechanic but, if this is wrong info just tell me. If it has a carberator would that have anything to do with it. Just something from expierience with my dads car. sorry If my info is inacurate. Hope I helped a litte I try to help but, maybe I should just keep my mouth shut lol.

posted by  Fgreco

It is fuel injected but I am thinking it may be the tourque converter locked up.

posted by  davidcolemanfl

why do you think the torque converter is locked up ????????????

then putting it in neutral wouldn't matter
if the tranny was shot/seized then putting in gear would be a dead stop likely break the bolts at torque converter to flywheel with your reving and putting in gear if it just stubles and stalls the you have engine problems how are these parts and age plugs wire's rotor cap fuel filter ever had the injector's flushed 169000mile ever had the timming belt checked might have jumped a tooth maybe vacuum leak
but i really don't think you tranny is (locked up) from the drive home then next morning its locked up

posted by  osborste

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