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there are so many things going wrong with my saxo i dont know where to start. lets start at the front.

1. one of the fog lights dont work, but its not the bulb . could it be wiring ? :banghead:
2. back break light, dont work but the rest of the bulb on that side do. wiring again ? :banghead:
3. when i switch on the headlights the dash board doesnt light up anymore, i took out the stereo, could that be the reason, any help ? :banghead:
4. what is the correct wiring path of the stereo. the previous owners cut the wires when doing the stereo. im trying to connect them up to my sony stereo, but what wires go with what ? :banghead:

at the moment thats all, but the rest i dont think i could get over the internet, i have a door lock to put in, the central locking keeps ticking and the bodywork needs a spik an span on it. i dont know how i could thank you, but i really want to know how to fix cars, an this is really putting me off.

jonny boy :thumbs:

posted by  jonnyboy2

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