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Just got cheap copies of Chilton and Haynes Manuals and am trying to do some tune up/repair on my 95 honda civic dx coupe.


Over the past year or so the car has been developing a gradually worsening engine "ping"- mainly noticable with cold engine and low rpm.

Thus far I have adjusted valve clearance, checked and adjusted ignition timing, changed spark plugs, and tried higher octane fuel. Nothing really seems to have solved the problem. I also measured the vacuum at the intake manifold and it is good, responding well when accelerating, etc. but is about 1 in too high at idle.

Haynes suggests to check the fuel system, but I wanted some more opinions!

Also, recently my exhaust has been rattling near the front of the car (especially near catalytic converter) only during acceleration from low rpm. The C.C. is extremely rusted and probably needs to be replaced. Any thoughts?

Finally the tail pipe has a lot of black, sooty buildup on it. Haynes suggests an engine tuneup. Anything in specific to focus upon?

Thanks- any help would be greatly appreciated!


posted by  JNF514

some japanese cars have 2 o2 sensors not just the one in front of the "cc" but also behind it.if the cat is bad it will tell the computer to do funny things.
the rattling sounds like broken baffles inside the cat.if you have a knock sensor on that engine i would check that all wiring is secure,and that the sensor is working ok.

posted by  the lobster

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