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hello.. first time on the forum.. been trying to figure out the problem i have with an old blazer. if i turn the car off and let the radio (low power) or lights on for a minute or two, the truck wont start again unless i leave it sit for ~10 minutes or so after turning off the accessories. You turn the key and no sounds. no click. just the gauges light up and the lights will still turn on and all that.

i have recently replaced the battery and alternator. I notice when i turn the key to ignition, i get a current draw of about 2 amps. just yesterday it had problems starting after normal driving, i left it sit for ~10 minutes and i didnt leave anything on. when trying to restart.. nothing. i let it sit for another 10 minutes and it started fine. another note.. it can give you some powerful shocks when getting out of the car, touching the door.

any thoughts? thanks advance..


posted by  cheechz

check the ground cable from battery to the engine might be a poor connection/rusted remove clean(sandpaper)replace then check the ground from body to engine/battery the light don't require a great ground as they dont draw alot of amps but the starter draw could be from 100 amp up causing a small arc at the poor connection
as for your shock this could also be the cause or just static

posted by  osborste

measure across the cable on the battery plus and minus sides.if the cable is green inside,it will act like a resistor and give you a voltage drop across it.
i saw this once on a dodge colt.it was dead,then the radio and fan would come on,and 30 seconds later it would start.i measured across the positive cable and it was 13 volts,and would keep dropping .when it got to 2 volts,the car would kick over.check the cables and all the wiring from your alternator,ground strap and related wiring.

posted by  the lobster

thanks for the ideas. i have replaced the positive cable already.. i'll check the ground though.


posted by  cheechz

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