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hey everyone! does anyone have an idea on the cause of a ticking noise in the heaters blower motor when it is turned on? It only lasts for about 10 seconds then it goes away. It is a 96 Chrysler Town & Country

posted by  kryrou

Sounds like a bit of debris in the squirel cage area, take out the blowe motor and clean the are it was in, re-install the motor and check it out.

posted by  srober32

the bearing on the motor is worn,and at low speed the fan position is different.when you increase the speed, the thrust changes the position and the fan is not rubbing on the casing,or you have inducted pine needles through the air vents,and chewed up pieces are in the fan assembly.pine needles causing big water leaks was one of the top warranty items in 96.
your rear brakes squeal?blower motor resistor open?oscillation in the stereo?
cruise module inoperative?nice machine the town and country.the worlds mose luxurious minivan.famous for quality borg warner transmissions.

posted by  the lobster

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