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I am presently driving a 96 Plymouth Neon. I have a Python alarm system. This morning (Note not the first time it happens) while going to work my batterie light goes on so I'm looking for a hill to park my car just in case it is the batterie. When I turn my car off the alarm starts YELLING and I couldn't shut it off. But if I pressedn on the brakes the alarm stopped yelling. Finally after 5 min of trying to turn the alarm off and pondering if I should yank the horn out of the hood I finally it finally shut off.

Now th question is :

Do you think it is a fault in the wiring in the alarm system?
Do you think it's a ground fault?
What do think?

I really appreciate your help.

Thnak in adavance

posted by  Pierre

there's been some 95/96 neons lately being posted with starting problems/electrical check the battery cable's/casing for corrosion(green/white)at the battery terminal's mainly the positive there's 2 connection here one to the starter the other powers the main power center(fusebox) under the hood if you alarm system use's a hood pin switch check this also the tip of the pin maybe broken off and grounding the switch

posted by  osborste

Thanks for the advice I will try to clean my batterie terminals there is not much corrosion but it's worth a try.

The weird part is that when I was pressing on the breaks the alarm was turning off. Also when that happened in other occasions without the alrm going off the DOME light was turning off when I was pressing the breaks pedal.

I hope it's the batterie terminls! I just don't want my main computer frying on me really can't afford changing that.

posted by  Pierre

No one else has an idea I want to explore my options. My ca has been fine for the past 4 days. I just don't understand.

Thanks for your advice and opinion

posted by  Pierre

Look inside the hot side of the battery wire see if their is corrosion in their past the terminal cover.. I had weird things going on with my car also so I tore back the cover to the wire a bit and noticed loads of corrosion. Cleaned it up and everything worked fine.

posted by  EvilPodAE

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