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Hi, I have a nissan sentra 87, which had a problem in Feb tured out to be fuel filter, has another prob, same thing happened..chnaged fuel filter just hoping, but no. Fuel is getting through to injector but will not start. Seems to be plenty of pressure. :banghead: Any ideas?
Also looked at a 92 paseo, the guy would like $2500, the body is quite good, rel clean inside, but needs front pads, 2 small holes in floor, wheel bearing, 1 tire, hole in sub frame, and a possible crank seal leak..rad is getting a bit ripe..ooh and a starter.. I offered him 1500$..and he's going to think about it..
I'm not very familiar with this kind of car...any opinions here??
Cate :driving:

posted by  Cate

87 sentra is there spark at the plugs
92 paseo does it run (can you start it or is starter dead) ? the only part that worries me is the sub frame hole you could have it fixed if not to bad all other items do add expence to the purchase but are repairable

posted by  osborste

if it wasn't free i wouldn't buy it, just a few small holes in the floor i mean cmon! if it's unibody that would compromise the structural integriity of the whole car, tell him to stick it and not sell unsafe vehicles to people

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

I saw the hole, it was on the drivers side, in front on the front seat, where there should be a plug...
I bought it..it runs...had front pads done this morning, two tires replaces tomorrow, starter seems to have healed itself..my mechanic guy said that sometimes they'll cease up or something after sitting around..sometimes they come back..sometimes not..we'll see I guess.
The rest will be finished in July when Inspection runs out..the price was right..I can get to work now that's all that matters..
I like the car..I could have gotten a tempo for the same price..or an escort wagon..uuh noo.
The nissan...sold..
Cate :driving:

posted by  Cate

92 toyota 1.6 use a nippon denso starter which have 2 contact sets inside,in a couple of weeks if you get just a click and you have to back up the key and try it aand it engages the starter ,the contacts are bad.this is a common problem on 10 year old toyotas.it works for a week and same thing happens.eventually you have to try 7 or 8 times to start it.
the aftermarket contacts are garbage,use the toyota parts,its 1.5 hours labor and 40 for parts.

posted by  the lobster

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