Could not shift gears, but now I can again.

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I have a 91 Ford Taurus SHO with manual transmission. This morning at a stop sign, all of a sudden I could not shift into any gear. Finally by turning of the car I was able to get into reverse and then first. I managed to get the kids to school by driving the last mile in first gear, but whenever I put the clutch down the transmission made a strange sound, hard to describe, kind of a straining clicking sound.

When I got to the school the car stalled out in first, and I could not shift back to neutral. I started up the car and it gave a big old lurch, and then bingo, no more problems. It shifts into all gears just fine and no strange noises. In fact the shifting feels smoother and not as stiff now. I've only had the car a few months so I'm not sure what is normal.

How worried should I be at this point. What should I check first? Fluids? Any chance this is just a one time event that worked itself out? :wink2:

Mr Frumble

posted by  Mr Frumble

your first description thought of slave cylinder failure
then the lurch may have some how reset/resealed it
check the fluid level for the clutch maybe low now. check the cap i belive you use dot 3 brake fluid for it

posted by  osborste

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