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Hi, my names John and I am new to this forum..

I woulda appreciate any help anyone could offer..

I own a 1992 5 speed toyota tercel with almost 300 000 kms...
I began noticing problems with my engine a few months back when i was driving down the highway and it would die when i applied more gas, as if i took my foot all the way off the gas.. after drivng with light pressure on the pedal for a while it seemed to be fine..

Now i cant drive for more then 50 kms before this problem happens, and it wont go away unless i shut the car off and restart it like 5 seconds later.. then its fine for a few kms or more and the same problem happens. New wires plugs air filter(tune up) and oil change just two months ago.. The idle has also dropped steadily for months now from 1000 to about 400-600 now.. It stalled today as i was backing out of my driveway in neutral..

I think they key to fixing this problem might be the fact that its fine after the shut off and restart(even if im still movig and i shut key then restart its fine) so it must have something to do witha sensor or something right?

I am a newbie to this so be as lamen as possible please! I have read alot of these forums and am beginning to think its an egr valve problem.. Thanks again for all your help, MY baby needs you....


posted by  luvmytercel

could be a faulty throttle position sensor or faulty efi relay. there's no service engine light on ?

posted by  osborste

Hmm efi relay is located where? throttle position sensor.. these are new terms..

No service engine light.. but i dont think ive ever seen the service engine light before.. perhaps its burnt out(no fault of the dealer that sold it to me im sure)
Thanks for the feedback... ill look into those things..

posted by  luvmytercel


posted by  luvmytercel

the relay for the ignition is in the fusebox under the hood.the ignition module is more likely the fault.get some freeze spray from an electronics supplier and spray the modules.the stuff is - 60 degrees f and will find thermally bad parts quick.check all vacuum lines,check the throttle sensor,and check the wire to the o2 sensor on the exhaust.if the check engine bulb is out you will not know,and the o2 sensor will wreack havoc if it has a problem.you should take the air intake assembly off the throttle body and make sure that the plate is free.some toyotas have an idle airspeed controller.make sure its ok or replace it.check the linkages

posted by  the lobster

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