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so my friend got a cd stuck in her stock cd player. she has a 2000 sunfire and she wants to try to keep the cd player, but take it apart and try to get the cd out. im trying to tell her just to spend 100 and get a new aftermarket player because it will save a hell of alot of time...what do you guys think?

posted by  griffinstud78

Thats really up to her, i think. Trying to get the CD out of the player by tearing inside could really mess it up, even if you are really careful. It could also void the warranty(if there is one) of the cd player as well. If there is a warranty She could probably go to the dealer and get the cd removed or get a new player installed in the car.

posted by  Bubba

If it was just a regular cd that got stuck, wouldnt it be safe to assume that it will probably happen again?...

go aftermarket for sure.

posted by  dodgerforlife

yeah i agree with that :thumbs:

posted by  Bubba

thanks. ill go with her to get a new one tomorrow since she has no idea what the hell she is looking for

posted by  griffinstud78

the door chime circuit is wired through the least the 2002- 2005 better check that one out.most gm dealers have an exchange not try to take apart the stereo,i was a tech for 13 years and you do not want to do that.

posted by  the lobster

yea i didnt take it apart. she bought a pioneer hu and i am going to install it later today. thanks for all the advice

posted by  griffinstud78

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