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I have a 1992 olds 88 royale with 122k miles. For several months it has been sputtering @ idle speed when I'm on the hiway. I can give it gas and it works fine. The problem only happened about once a week and I tried replacing the fuel filter, and put in new plugs and wires. The car will also die when I take a sharp left if the tank is too low, I point this out only because when it died today it was when taking a sharp left but the tank is full. Currently the car is dead, it died three times on the way home and now it wont start at all. Doesn't seem to fire off. I verified that gas is getting to the injectors but that's about it this time. I looked for other forums but didn't see anything relevant. Any ideas?

posted by  Keep-r-runnin

are you getting fuel in the cylinders are the plugs wet??(bad injectors or no signal from coil pack or ecm )
is there spark at the plugs if no check cam/crank sensors & ignition module/coil pack if you have spark check mass air flow sensor and ecm(engine computer)
if you dont feel comfortable checking this take it in to the repair shop

posted by  osborste

try looking at the distributor cap and the rotor,check if the cap is corroded and/or the rotor is shot or burnt.ok.bye.

posted by  whiteboy23

:thumbs: ...good luck with that... :thumbs:

posted by  dodger65

92 would be 3 coils and ingnition module

posted by  osborste

try pulling trouble codes

posted by  tbaxleyjr

the left turn stalling problem is common on that model.the baffles in the tank are broken and the fuel sloshes over.you probably think that you have full fuel because your gauge says so,but this is what i would do: put 10 dollars gas to make sure there is enough,if it runs,tap on the egr valve that is on top of the engine,and the sensor that is on the air intake assembly .there are ccc type controls and c4 type emissions controls and each type has different components.i have a 1989 0lds with a 3.8 litre and it stalls on left turns if there is less than 3/8 of a tank.so does a 87 buick lesabre.3.8 litre.
if you go to autozone they have about 15 different things to check for the emissions components.tricky stuff

posted by  the lobster

ya know $10 isn't that much gas anymore...

posted by  dodger65

but i think he said he had alot.that car is 55 dollars to fill ,mine is anyway..at 85 a litre,nuts eh?its over 1.05 sometimes.my olds was doing weird surging and i did a bunch of stuff and its gone,but i am thinking i should have done things one at a time to make sure exactly what the cure was.i am still thinking it was tha maf sensor shoulda kept my 66 cutlass 350 rocket 2 speed. thats a nice firebird you got there.i had a 1977 transam 6.6 black/t tops smokey and the bandit car.sold it in 1984...shoulda kept it..i kick myself now i tell ya

posted by  the lobster

Heres your problem: Its General Motors!!! lol JK

Um....I would check if you mass air flow sensor is getting clogged up. Also check all your fuel lines.

posted by  FordFromHell351

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