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Alright, my car runs great for the most part. However, there are two things that im curious about.

#1 ) when my car fully warms up... i can turn on the vents and there will be fumes of exhaust coming out. Its not totally strong but its noticable.

Any Ideas?

#2) nothin to major... but whenever i push on the gas petal, i hear a faint squealing noise...


Ideas or answers would be greatly appreciated! :clap: Thanks.

posted by  TC97

The exhaust smell could be a leak under the hood, check the manifold to pipe connection for carbon around it. The squeeling noise is probably a loose or glazed belt, check the surfaces of the belt for shine and/or cracks, if there are none the belt is loose, if it is glazed or cracked it needs to be replaced. If you do replace the belt, be sure to check all of the pullies for freeness and make sure they do not wobble. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

thanks man, your input is greatly appreciated!! :mrgreen: :thumbs:

posted by  TC97

No problem, keep us posted, OK?

posted by  srober32

Well i checked for a leak under the car when i stopped it and nothing was dripping at all. Quite mind boggling... could it be a hole in my exhaust somewhere?

posted by  TC97

yes if the front pipe has a flex joint wire covered check here as the pipe crack's in the flex also check the joint at the manifold to pipe the gaskets maybe gone (need to have car running for this to feel for leaks(hot exhaust) careful of the pipe will be hot don't touch just run along pipe feeling for blowing exhaust from pipe)

posted by  osborste

the 97 corolla has a three piece exhaust system.1)a catalytic converter2)a resonator/pipe assembly3)the muffler pipe assembly.a common problem on these cars is a hole in the bottom of the resonator,or an exhaust leak at the rear of the flexible covering before the flange that connects to the resonator assembly.there could be a leak .there are different belts for your car depending whether it has a/c or not or power steering.use genuine toyota parts.toyota use german made light bulbs,canadian tire use chinese ones.

posted by  the lobster

would this be an easy fix...?

posted by  TC97

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