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Just rebuilt 350 (edelbrock carb, cam, manifold), new 3500 stall converter (questionable as to who built it, the guy who rebuilt my transmission referred him) and rebuilt transmission w/ heavy duty BM shiftkit.

Engine runs great...starts fine, idles fine, great sounding through all rpm's.
Problem comes when you put the car into gear; the car will go into gear and then it seems as though all the power is gone. NONE whatsoever. I am guessing it might be the 3500 stall converter...maybe too much stall? any comments would be greatly appreciated.

PS. edelbrock rated engine at 420 horses at flywheel so I would think power wouldnt be an issue.

posted by  neslorelyks

sorry, the trans is TH-350
thanks again in advance for any information

posted by  neslorelyks

See if you can get your money back on the torque converter and get one with a lower stall speed. Unless you like putting your foot to the floor to move the car from any stop. For an everyday driver you do not need a converter that engages at half of the normal engine RPM max. :2cents:

posted by  srober32

Yeah i would have to agree with ya. two major mistakes on my part. first for not goin with a torque converter from b&m or TCI and then for getting such a rediculously high stall thanks for your input.

posted by  neslorelyks

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