97 Saturn SL fuel problems

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My car starts when is cold but idles too fast, after it warms up it either won't start at all or if you hold the gas pedal to the floor like it is flooded it will sometimes start. It runs just fine going down the highway. We have changed the air filter and we plan on changing the fuel filter this weekend. Everybody keeps telling me it can't be the fuel filter. Does anyone have any ideas. It has got over a 100,000 miles on it.

posted by  notalk

havesomeone hook up a code scanner and see what codes the ECM is throwing - on most OBD2 cars, drivability issues will usually throw codes

posted by  tbaxleyjr

Call my mech. his machine has crashed. He is supposed to get a loaner today, but my car has got where it will only start when cold and stranded me in town last night. I had to take a sick day today and he still doesn't have his machine yet. Thanks :banghead:

posted by  notalk

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