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HI my dad has a 89 cutlass cierra. The material on the top of the roof is comming down. I bought something to fix it but, I would have to cut the fabric and then spray the stuff and put the fabrick back up. I was wondering if there was a product or a kit That I can fix this with or do I have to just use my method.

posted by  Fgreco

if its close to the dome light remove and using a straw like the one that comes with a can of wd-40 you could try it that way or use the straw to make a small hole in the cloth instead of a long cut
fabric spray glue at most stores/sewing shops or spray contact cement at
hardware store

posted by  osborste

The straw idea is good thinking as long as the headliner isn't falling down too much, if it's falling down in most places you're better off not gunking up the headliner with glue and just taking it out and re-glueing it. :2cents:

posted by  carfanatic44

They do make headliner adhesive specifically for headliners of cars that won't make it look like it's glued down. They sell it here in WI at Farm & Fleet for around $15. I don't recall the name but maybe do a search on google for it.

posted by  968racer

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