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hey everyone. Have a 92 T Bird 3.8 automatic, After replacing the head gaskets the car started sputtering and losing power when I hit the gas.
got much worse befoe we had the Oxygen sensor replaced. Now it is running better but still loses some power starting out, and will lightly shudder, and it shudders really bad before overdrive, or around 50 mph. then shifts to overdrive and shuddering stops. Got a code 157 and that the ITP was out of adjustment.
What the heck are these? any help would be appreciated.

posted by  speeddreamer

code 157 is for mass air flow sensor voltage below minimum- likely bad sensor
and itp i think is insufficient throttle position change(code167) if you did the tests your self you may not have done the "snap the throttle" test correctly and the computer didn't see enough of a change

posted by  osborste

seen this many times and yours may be the same go drive the car around 35-40 mph and lightly acc. see if it shutters there also. most likely will.
the correct ford fix for this is to change the trans fluid and filter "all 12 qts. of fluid" by draining the torque convertor thrugh the round bore plug hole in the convertor housing on the trans, look for a pipe plug screwed into the torque convertor by slowly turning the engine by hand , pull the plug and let it drain, what happens is the fluid breaks down and don't have enough friction modifier in it to hold the convertor clutch so when you acc at a smooth pace the clutch slips causing a chatter which can be called a shutter. this is the correct fix per ford motor company
ppauley/cobra freek

posted by  ppauley

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