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Today when I came home from work I started my car and heard a horrific rattling noise under the engine... It seems the noise is only when the car is in Park. Could something be wrong with my tranny or is it something simple? I've never heard this sound before and it has me a bit worried.

Car: 1993 Mercury Topaz GS
2.3L I4
Auto 3 Gear Transmission
78,000 Miles

I recently replaced the starter and did a tune up on the car.

posted by  EvilPodAE

are u sure it is a ratlle???since u just replaced the starter i would look for loose bolts or check the flex plate for cracks the flex plate makes a horrible high pitched grinding noise that i could see being mistaken for a rattle .or look for somethin else that could make an abnormal noise check all your fluids also

posted by  spearthemechani

check the heatshields above the converter they tend to rot out where they attach to the floor of the car might be the shield on the converter to

posted by  osborste

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