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I would like to get help with my stalling problem of my car. The problem is like this" the car is running normally and suddenly there will be no power meaning stalls. There is no light indication on the console panel. After 2min. the car will start again without any problem. The time or distance between stalling varies, sosmetimes it will run for 40 miles and no problem at all.
I already tried to fix the car in a car repair shop but they were not able to repair it. The repair shop tried to change the distributor assembly but still the problem is still there. The repair shop insisted that the fuel pump and fuel filter are OK. Please help.

posted by  ajrebol

when it dies try to listen for the pump in the tank have someone listen to the fill pipe(gas cap) as you/someone starts the car if the pump is good you should hear it there also is a relay for the pump
the other posibility is ignition coil and/or module(igniter) cam/crank sensors
not sure what they replaced with the distributor

posted by  osborste

Tks for the reply! Where is the ignition coil/or module igniter, cam/crank sensors located? Are these integrated inside the distributor assembly module?

posted by  ajrebol

I had the same problem as you except it was a 91 z34, it ended up being the crank sensor which on that car was a pain to replace, after i broke the crank sensor trying to get it out

posted by  jarvisx2000

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