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hello, I have a 1983 buick le sabre that I race at the local dirt track here, and last race i blew a back brake line, so we pinched the line at the front of the car so that I wouldnt lose all of the brake fluid....ive replaced the back line that broke which went from the 'junction thing' not sure what its called to the vacuum plate, I have also replaced the line that we pinched which goes to a 'junction thing' on the bottom driver side of the car. now the problem is the line that goes from the front of the car to the back of the car is looking pretty bad.

bad line


sorry about the quick diagram

ok my problem is the line that comes out of junction 2 going to junction 1 is a rubber line that goes straight into the body, but it does not run along the inside of the car, It does that same thing at the front, goes into the body that is, I just dont know where this brake line is running, If anybody knows what i'm talking about can you help me out.
* junction at back of car
^ junction at front of car

If this is confusing i can take some pictures if that would help?

posted by  jarvisx2000

i had a buick century the rear line ran inside the frame rail to the rear and the front ran along the engine cradle below the oil pan
junction thing under car = combination/proportioning valve 2 lines from master cylinder then 2 lines to the LF and RF and one to the rear

vacuum plate thing =brake/vacuum booster

posted by  osborste

do you mean along the frame or inside the frame?

posted by  jarvisx2000

inside frame

posted by  osborste

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