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I have a 92' Saturn SL2 and have to change the front right brake line. Do I need to empty out the break fluid? And if so how do I do this?

posted by  scole_92

Changing the brake line isn't too bad at all, nor does it cost very much. Once you take the line off some brake fluid may start to leak out so you have to options 1)You can try to plug the line to the best of your ability, use some creativity or 2)You can just let whatever amount is going to drain out, drain out and catch it in a pan. I would do some of both because you won't plug it perfectly most likely but try not to lose all of it. After that it's pretty easy. Don't stress out about losing much because brake fluid is dirt cheap anyways. Once you put on the brake line just make sure that you bleed the brakes well, because I have a 91' SL2 and I know it usually takes a lot to get the working well. Other than that you should be good. :2cents:

posted by  carfanatic44

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