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Hi, Im new here and was hoping someone might be able to help me out.
88 Lebaron convert. 2.5ltr,auto, air, all digital
Was running fine he took it to the store it was off for about 20 min. then all it would do was crank. Its getting fuel but no spark .I changed the coil, cap, and rotor still nothing. Where do I look next?

posted by  winedudex

do you have power at the coil(dark green/black stripe wire)if so using a test light leave it conected and crank the car over does the light flash
if no flash could be a bad engine control module or bad pick-up in the distributor the pick up signal is sent to ecm then controls the ground to the coil

posted by  osborste

check the trouble codes

more than likely, the hall effect pick-up plate in the distributor, esp if the problem is internmittent.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

A very common problem with the 80's chryslers, tbaxleyjr, good call! :thumbs:

posted by  srober32

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