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My engine keeps boiling over I have replaced thermostat with a lower temp one but still no luck. I have installed a new mass air flow and still no luck. the air flow is continueously glowing red even when not running???? Does anyone have any idea about whats happening . Please help :clap:

posted by  spyder0362

check the other post for the mass sensor
overheating is the upper hose getting hot showing thermostat is opening
how much mileage is on the motor. is it the original water pump impeller wornoff while it is running with rad cap off you should be able to see flow when thermstat opens and before it overheats
also looking through the rad cap opening how are the tubes in the rad no white scale plugging up the tubes

posted by  osborste

this motor has 160 thousand on it Im not sure if its the original water pump as I am second owner. Im seeing a flow with cap off. I will take a closer look at tubes I think that may be it.

posted by  spyder0362

Just a thought. Look and see if your air dam underneath the front dumper is broken or gone. This must be in place for proper air flow though the radiator. I had one overheat from day one till I figured it out. Cheers...

posted by  Ironmahn

osborste has a good idea but when you replace your stat with a lower temp one your only causing your car to over heat easier because your permitting the coolant to flow faster and not giving it enough time to cool when it passes through the radiator, been there did that, check the coolant pump or for blocked radiator itself
ppauley/cobra freek

posted by  ppauley

2 months old :banghead: :

posted by  99integra

wtf are you talking about? are you saying that the thermostat determines the velocity of your coolant and not the water pump? please tell me you're kidding. and don't say that the thermostat orifice is a different size, either, b/c it's not.

posted by  dodger65

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