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hello, i just bought my first car, 1993 Isuzu Rodeo LS (6v)
and it,of course, has some problems.

first of all, the engine's shaking. i know it's common to any old car/engines
anyway is there anything i can do about??

also it's hard to pass around 1700RPM, in addition to a slow acceleration.
it's just .. kinda shaking more or slowing down more around 1600-1800 RPM
after that's it's ohkay.

this car's hard to accelerate as i said. i read i should clean(or replace) catalytic converter
however what i found more annoying is it gets alot hard to accelerate after like 50mph. (it doesnot go any faster than like 60 -_-)
can i getsome help, any suggestions on this?? (how much would it cost and stuff like that)


p.s : even though it is Isuzu Rodeo, i think it's more general than only for this car. so speak freeily!

oh and what do you think about 1993 Isuzu Rodeo?

posted by  chhoon

when was the last tune up (plugs/wires/rotor&cap if equipt/fuel filter/air filter)
if all this is known to be good then ignition coil(s)or module

posted by  osborste

Does the check engine light come on or is it on?

posted by  srober32

thanks guys!

i dont know when was the last tune up. i asked a seller, but he didnt know, but tell me it would be good to tune up. should i bring it to the shop to tune up?? (howm uch then? or is it easy enough to do myself)

no engine light's on.

anything more detail on my questions would be helpful!!

posted by  chhoon

get a manual the money you save from doing this yourself instead of the shop will pay for it with the manual and tools you should be able to tackle this job yourself plus the extra saving's you can buy the better parts and not the white boxed stuff(warehouse brand)
i live in canada so my price's will differ if you are from the states
wire's 50 to 100.00
rotor and caps 20 to 60
plugs pks of 2- 5 to 15 more for the platinums
fuel filter this is difficult here cause the filter for my 97 chev malibu was 20. and the filter on my 99 caravan was 90.comes with new hose's and other stuff
air filter 10 to 30
garage price dont forget they mark up the price of part so you could be looking at 300 to 400 depending on price of the parts

posted by  osborste

To do a full tune up yourself would take a long time... Although your problem sounds like misfiring, so if you change just plugs and wires I would think the problem might be fixed up. If it is not the plugs/wires then it could be the distributor/coil pack depending on what your vehicle has... However if you were to do a full tune up :plugs/wires, all fluid changes, tire rotation, etc then you'd better have a lot of free time, otherwise pay a professional. Anyhew if you do it yourself I say start with plugs and wires which will set you back maybe 70 bucks.

posted by  Flame Roller

and the torque spec is 13 ft/lbs for the plugs....not hercules tight or else you risk damging the threads in the head and then you now need a bigger bank account :mrgreen:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Actually you probably have a dead cylinder or maybe even two. This would explain why the engine is shaking, it wouldnt be shaking if it just needed a simple tune up :screwy: . I would take it in and get a compression check run on it and DO NOT DRIVE IT ANYMORE!!!

P.S. - If it is that, then you will need to either get a new engine, get that one redone, or just opt for a whole new car. It would be best to go with a whole new car because re doing the engine or getting a new one would cost more than the car is even worth.

posted by  FordFromHell351

Yeah, because changing bad plugs, or wires CERTAINLY won't eliminate a "dead cylinder"...

You probably are in need of a tune up, some reputable shops actually do some testing on the engine before replacing parts and would figure out just what the engine needs.

posted by  srober32

check your engines mounts

posted by  utah115

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