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I have a 94 accord ex, auto, 4 cyclinder, 4 door. lately it's been shifting hard and the shifting intervals are kinda off. When it is about to shift gears i hear this knocking sound or rattling sound before it shifts to the next gear. the first couple of shifts are kinda okay but i still hear rattling but when it get to about 60 mph, it takes a while for the gear to shift. Now about maybe 1 year or less ago my sis(which used to be her car) took it to honda and they said it needed a new oil pan gasket, which i think it does cause the bottom looks like it's been leaking alot of oil and there is alot of dried up oil there. Another thing that they said they would do was called a "water pump package" well i think you change the water pump when you change the timing belt so i think it's the same thing. Do you think it's possible for me to do it myself or should i take it to the's alot of money though for that water pump service...i guess it takes alot of hours to do...well give me a reply...i wanna do this either this weekend or the next.

posted by  94accordprobs

if you want to do this your first step is get a repair manual for your car walmart /or other car parts store will have these now i see they have the manuals on disk you could print off the pages you need instead of getting grease and oil on the manual wish they had this sooner :laughing:
read through the manual/disk and decide if you feel comfortable then come back here if you have more questions
a timing belt put back on one/two teeth out could turn your cylinder head into the next boat anchor at walmart

posted by  osborste

I am not sure a timing belt will cause this problem. On most cars with rubber timing belts, they should be changed @ 60K miles. the water pump is usually changed at the same time since the timing case and other parts have to be removed to get the either the water pump or timing belt - easier to do the labor once.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

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