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1999 ford explorer 4.0, 36000 miles, properly maintained. Problem= when the weather changed this year, say 34 degrees or below,I have been having a problem with cold start idle, wants to and will die, but restart is fine. If you keep idle up with accelerator for 60-90 secs all is OK, and will then idle. Input please :?:

posted by  lectroid

At that low mileage I doubt you have any bad parts but... First thing to do is run it across the scan tool to see what it tells you. If you don't get any codes or have a strange datastream, try doing a quick clean on the throttle body and IAC in that order.

Maybe you just need to put the winter air in the tires. Yeah, that's the ticket. :rolleyes: :D

posted by  vwhobo

I'll check the winter air in the morning.( hope that will help ) I did have the injectors cleaned two weeks ago whe I had the oil and trans fluid changed. I can't run codes, so I guess a trip to the garage is on tap. Thanks :(

posted by  lectroid

That's the way it is nowadays. Going beyond a simple visual inspection without a scan is playing Russian Roulette. Well, you get the idea.

posted by  vwhobo

Is the stalling problem a regular occurance(in the cold like you said) or is it an intermittent problem? I'm asking because my boss just got a used '02 explorer sport-track with a 4.0l. He had an occasional stalling problem with it but it rarely happens...he only has 25k on it. I think it's a "hiccup" in the ecm's personally because i've heard a lot of people with this problem.

oh yeah, keep up real good on your maintenence with the dealership tech-friend of mine told me they are notorious for timing chain failure as they approach the 100k mile area. I've seen it shear the crank pulley and front section of the crank out of the timing cover. Enjoy that quality ford product! ;)


posted by  88TbirdSleeper

You bet, I've done the Russian roulette crap to many times, money money money. The only bad thing is the quality of the supposedly ASE cert. mechanics in this area, it's pretty damn sad. I hate to put them down, but if I had the tools they have I fell I could do as good of a job as they can. Just seems like they don't want to think, or are determined with a one solution fix.

posted by  lectroid

No, this is not a stalling problem, just a cold idle, like if it set overnight in 30 degree weather. No driving, stopping idle problems.

posted by  lectroid

Well ,the night temp has been down in the teens lately, and the problem seems to have traveled to a warmer climate. I'M SURE :rolleyes:

posted by  lectroid

UPDATE: Took vehicle to ford garage, said there was a recall for camshaft tensioner and intake manifold gaskets, ordered parts, no charge. I have never received a recall notice for this. Did the maximum research I could do and only came up with tech.serv.bul. 00m12. They want $10 to download this
bulletin. Does anyone have access to the bullentins ? I would like to read it, but not for 10 bucks. Anyone? Thanks.

posted by  lectroid

sounds like what my truck was doing
question, is it an automatic? if so, check the fluid levels in the tranny

posted by  asa67_stang

That's a good TSB number for your Explorer. The reason you didn't recieve a recall notice is because it was what's called a campaign. Basically a campaign is a recall that is only taken care of if the customer has a complaint. Yep, it's shitty business but absolutely legal.

Sorry I didn't come up with this for you, it just doesn't get cold enough down here to cause that problem so I'm just not familiar with it. I can't come up with a way to send you a copy of this TSB for both technical and legal reasons. However, if you go to you can get yourself a one year subscription so you can look at ALL recalls, campaigns, TSB's etc for your vehicle. It costs $25 a year but is well worth it for owners of late model vehicles as it's updated within a week of manufacturer updates.

posted by  vwhobo

I appreciate your reply and help. They are suppose to do repairs this tues, of course this dealer won't even stock spark plugs,( had to order parts, took a week) you would figure with a campaign of this sort, they would have some parts on hand. That's what you get for living in the sticks. I will consider the alldata route. Thanks(I Think) :laughing:

posted by  lectroid

MY dads 98 explorer had the same power.. You'd have to drive it throwing it in nuetral at stop lights and such so it would not die... not much fun.

It took it about 10-20 minutes to warm up though..

posted by  mrfreshnklean

This was not the problem, unless you drove on a cold start. After 45 to 90 seconds of patting the gas it would idle. From my understanding this campaign is good for 5 yrs-75,000 miles.

posted by  lectroid

Lectroid, what was the problem? I'm having the same issue.


posted by  kencar

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