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I was wondering what the pros and cons of having a japanese rebuilt engine. Are there any sites that I can be directed towards for reference?

posted by  ladySecretz

'90 mitsubishi eclipse
a rebuilt could be 2 types
short block reuse cylinder head from your engine and intake/exhaust manifolds/sensors/and other parts
long block comes with rebuilt cylinder head and you reuse the rest of the parts above
a rebuilt long block would be most peoples choice cause its complete and normally comes with a better warranty both come with gaskets
price around at the parts store's and ask them question/warranty

posted by  osborste

Well, the pros include; better running, less headaches, peace of mind(warranty), less chance of oil leaks, less chance of any leaks, etc. Cons; cost, umm, I think that is about it unless you have to have the numbers match (in that case you could have the original engine rebuilt to preserve the numbers on the engine matching the car). :2cents:

posted by  srober32

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