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I bought a 1997 ford taurus GL 3.0 v6 at an auction as a starter car for my 17yr.old. It has 170,000 miles on it ( she wanted this car soooo bad) against my approval :banghead: Well she drove the car home and parked it. I noticed alittle smoke coming from under the hoodlatch where what i believe the radiator is. I told her we would check the car out when we returned from a one week vacation. When we returned she started the car up. It started right up, but when she put it in drive it cut right off. I tried starting the car and it did the same to me in drive as well as reverse. After a couple times of restarting and cutting off, ( by the fourth time i had to push the accelerator pedal to get it started) but it started up and the engine was very quiet, but again it would cut right off when put into gear. When i called the auction I was told the car sat unsold on the lot for a while and i needed to drive it on the freeway to clear the lines as well as get a tune-up for it. I dont have a clue what the problem is other than the high miles on it. Please!!! help us out. Thanks so much.

posted by  Anunnaki

check the idle air control and/or mass air sensor maybe jammed(iac) or faulty

posted by  osborste

Thanks a bunch..I will give it a try....

posted by  Anunnaki

I asked a guy who works on cars to stop by and take a look at it. He checked a few things and said that i have a bad lockup cylinoid or(solenoid) switch. He has a brace on his leg from an accident and cant do the work so he suggested i call a repair shop. I called a repair shop and was told i needed to have the transmission removed to get to the switch and it would be very costly. All this sounds foreign to me accept the part about it being "very costly" can you give me some background on this and/or advice about this. Please, i really dont want to taken to the cleaners. Thanks

posted by  Anunnaki

tauras transmission don't have to be removed to get to the solinoid its mounted on the front side of the trans just inside the large squar cover on the valve body
also befoe doing all that just look and see if there is anything pulling loose somewhere around the air intake hose when its put into gear. its extremely rare for a torqueconvertor solinoid to sick in a tauras
ppauley/cobra freek

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