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Parked at the hospital emergency room this car takes a shit.. me being the guessing mechanic that iam knowing the car is on but not starting think hey...ignitio cylinder well its started but...it wont turn off so knowing that it cant be the lock cylinder because ...i replaced it 3 times i beleive its the ignition switch which appears to be .....buried! surprise surprise thank u ford and ur wonderful way of making so i cant work on my 220k ford tauras.anyone have a clue how to service this part? :cussing:

posted by  i8a4re

the ignition switch should be on the column futher down under lower dash cover check the pic for what the ignition switch looks like

posted by  osborste

I was acutally able to fix the vehicle the problem is well its ford. the linkage between the lock cylinder is plastic and non serviceable so the car go a new steering column easy job. but anyhow what happened was it broken and the car would start and stay on but no shut off because the linkage would not move the switch to the off postion thus keeping the car on and pissing me off :cussing: but after i removed the switch i noticed that this wouldnt move and that was the problem called ford ...and was told it was non serviceable part and that the steering column part was 326 so at the local junk yard bumper to bumper in akron ohio i was able to locate a steering column for the car for 50$ 100 less then anyone else and it will work for the beast not this is the first major repair i have done to this vehicle since my father bought it in 1995 it has over 225k on it just regular matience :thumbs:

posted by  i8a4re

be careful if it's got an air bag

posted by  osborste

yes let the car sit for 10 mins with the battery disconected ..then remove ...cars done thank god

posted by  i8a4re

all tauras ignition switches are servicable, been there did that, i have never seen a situstion where the column has to be replaced, been a ford tech for many years and have repaired many tauras ignition problems and never a complete column, your in akron and i am just north of you in elyria area
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Stop reviving old topics :banghead:

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