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Couple of problems. I need to find where the EGR is on this car to match the numbers. I also need some help identifying a broken part in the fuel regulator circuit. It is between the vacume source and the regulator, has one input nipple, one vented nipple and one nipple to the regulator, as well as two wires going to it. Everything on this car is so tight that I cannot see where the wires lead to. :banghead: It was not running at all and I replaced the fuel pressure regulator (it was blowing fuel past the diaphram) and now it runs just rough until it is put into gear, at which point it runs decent but not great. I am thinking the EGR is bad because of the rough idle. It has less than 100 miles since the last tune up which helped until the regulator went out. Any photos or advice is, as always, appreciated.

posted by  srober32

here's the pic's
the egr is at the intake bottom
not a very good description of the broken part but i think its a ported vacuum switch if it is or looks like this switch fix it first this might cure the rough idle as it would be a vacuum leak

posted by  osborste

This car seems to be as much of a pain in the butt as the neon alternator I am working on as well. :laughing:

posted by  srober32

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