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First of all, I did try to search the forums for an answer to my question, but non seemed exactly what I was looking for.

Now, I have a 93 Subaru Impreza, and it seems lately that when I first start the car it will seem fine, but then when I start to drive an then come to a stop say at a light, the vibration is horrible; I feel like the car is going to fall apart!The rpms are a little high, but only about 500-700 rpms higher than usual. After I drive for a while it disappears. Now this doesn't happen all the time, but when it does it has been when I started it up after leaving it to work for a couple hours. Any suggestions? :doh:

posted by  SubaruCorsi

maybe a vacuum leak on your first start up after it sits for awhile can you here a hissing sound inside the car(bad diaphram in the brake booster)
check for broken or disconnected vacuum hoses or a bad vacuum switch.

posted by  osborste

Let me start by saying the vaccum leak sounds like your best chance. I believe the 93 Subarus were computer controlled for timing.

Take your car out for a drive. When the car starts to run rough pull over and remove the a plug wire and see if the engine runs differently, replace the wire and move on to the next wire.

Please note wear heavy rubber gloves( non-conductive). If you have leads which are breaking down you may find yourself sitting flat on your a$$ looking around for the guy who hit you.

This sounds simple but a hair line cracked plug may work when cold and open when hot. This also applies to distributor caps. Look closely at the cap for a fine line running from one of the leads. This will also be the lead that does not change when you remove the spark plug lead.

Lastly take the car out at night and look under the hood. If you have a spark show change the leads.

posted by  DaveC

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