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I have a 1989 buick regal, 2.8L V6, front wheel drive of course..

I know a little about cars.. but now I just figured out a potential problem I may have with mine, having to do with the mounts..

When I put my car in reverse, it always kicks, pretty hard. I wasn't sure what it was before but then I had someone tell me yesterday that it may be my motor mounts. Now I know on my car there are the front dog bone looking things.. then are the other mounts somewhere else on the engine? In someones opinion, would the dog bone things be causing the engine to jump so much? The front mounts arent broken, the rubber is a little dry and cracked.. would those be the reason for the kicking or something else?

Also.. sometimes when I put my car in gear and take my foot off the break.. it almost drives itself. It'll just accelerate along on its own, up and up. The only way I can stop it is by putting it in park and back into gear.. Any ideas on that either...

Someone help me! Hehehe

posted by  thanku4lovinme

hmmm sounds like it is idling kinda high, i would deal with the idle issue first and maybe your other problem will just dissapear. check for a vacuum leak, has anyone monkeyed with it lately? usually if you have a problem, it's most likely the last thing you fu cked with

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

the last things i have had done on the car was a new alternator put on and a recharge to my AC, which ended up not helping because the compressor has a leak.

it doesnt do the driving itself thing too often, but would that be causing the engine to jump like that? where would i look for vaccum leaks at? :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  thanku4lovinme

if the idle is to high yes it will jerk the engine around just like reving it up and dropping it into gear
the front motor mount should be under the crankshaft pulley big oval chunk of rubber the transmission will likely have a similar mount with a bracket holding the transmissin if these mount are oil soaked or worn out the engine will try and twist/shift with the torque of the engine the torque arm(s) if you have two support the forward and reverse rocking motion of the engine
you could check all these mounts by having the hood open and push/pulling the car back and forth to rock it you will see lots of movement at the pulley end or trans end if the lower mounts are gone and the torque arms you will see right away if they have to much play all the mount should be tight and firm with little or no movement in the rubber bushings

posted by  osborste

So basically, the idle being high can cause the motor mounts to break from the jerking of the engine.

Being that the car is 16 years old, the mounts probably are shot.

How do I go about lowering the idle to prevent this from happening again?

I saw what you wrote about oil being all over the mount. I have a oil leak right now, that came up all the sudden after I changed my oil last time. We found where the leak was coming from, and then I had someone tell me it was something to do with the distributor plate gasket or something. Nevertheless, it hasn't been fixed yet. Best I can tell all I need is a little fifty cent O-ring to stop the leak, its just in a hard part to get to with these sideways engines. Could this be a result of the mounts too or just totally unrelated?

GAH with all these little things that keep going wrong! :banghead: :cussing: Alternators, oil leaks, motor mounts. GRR. Gotta love the car though, only had 64000 miles when I got it, and I only paid 850 for it. Id rather pay little repairs than 400 car payments though.

Any more advice you can give would be great.

posted by  thanku4lovinme

the idle is controlled by an idle air control motor (iac)the only adjustment is remove clean the port/hole of the iac clean the iac itself check the pintle lenght from the mounting base to the tip should be set for 1 1/8 inch reinstall and the ecm will reset the counting/distance of the valve
but you also stated you have an oil leak at the back of the intake manifold looking at the motor its on the right hand side opposite the pulleys you will see a disk about 1 1/4 inches big this is the distributor plug with the .50 cent o-ring the intake gaskets are also a pain on these motors and if you engine idle is that high that the motor is jerking then i would check for vacuum leaks first

posted by  osborste

I appreciate all this advice. I have to research on where to look for things on this car, and then get help from other people, more mechanically inclined that i am. it helps when i know what to look for, most everyone who helps me work on my car is used to RWD.

I think I've got everything set on what to look for now, except the vaccum leaks? Where do I check for that? :screwy:

posted by  thanku4lovinme

there should be a diagram on the strut towers or the plastic cover over the rad that show the vacuum hose routing verify the hoses match and none have cracks/leaks the second place for leaks to check is around the intake manifold and throttle body (leaking gaskets)

posted by  osborste

AHH! Back on this subject again, I haven't had a chance to confirm if my mounts are indeed busted or not yet, hoping to be able to do that tomorrow, but I have a question, WHYYY is it that all the Auto parts stores only carry a right side motor mount for this car? Does it only have one mount? I seriously can not find any place that has both sides. HELP! :screwy: :screwy: :ticking:

posted by  thanku4lovinme

yeah. the "motor" mount is on the pass side, that "trans" mount is on the drivers side, and 1 or 2 torque struts on top. yours being an 88 regal has 2 torque struts, b/c of the massive amount of power associated with the regal nameplate... :laughing: chances are, you need the torques struts, b/c they go to hell really fast, and take the brunt of the torsional forces of the engine. usually the motor/trans mounts only go bad if they get soaked down w/ oil and the torque struts have been bad for a really long time

posted by  dodger65

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