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Hey guys, first time poster and I figured I'd bring a problem to the experts.

I have a 1992 Plymouth Voyager and just the other day I turned the key and it wasn't starting. The engine sounds like it is just before the point of where it "starts", but it can't get past that point.

I think it is my fuel pump because I can't hear the fuel pump turn on when I turn on the ignition.

Is there a way to trick start the car so I can bring it to a mechanic?

Thanks a lot!

posted by  complication

can you hear the fuel pump is there spark at the plugs
from you post i gather it is turning over
is it a 2.5/3.0/3.3/3.8L engine

posted by  osborste

I just edited my first post with more info so see if that helps.

posted by  complication

not without the fuel pump (electric and in the tank)
check the fuse the fuel pump relay the autoshutdown relay could shutdown the computer in turn shutdown the fuel pump relay and pump if all this is good and the power gets to the pump then replace the pump
or just check the easy stuff the fuse and the relay(do they click with key on)then have it towed

posted by  osborste

I'm not too familiar with the insides of cars as I am only 17 and it is my first car. Where exactly is the fuse/fuse relay/or anything else I should check for?

Thanks a lot.

posted by  complication

one fuse panel is on the left side of the steering wheel by your knee behind a panel or under dash
the other is a power center under the hood beside the battery your relays should be in this maybe the fuse to

posted by  osborste

try cross jumping it across the starter and check the plug in on the trasmission it right int the front and has three wires going to it sometimes if you bump up on the curb it will cut the wires had that done to my car also there are four fues on the right side of car under hood they will be black trying moving them by shaking sometime they get dirty to

posted by  utah115

get a friend and a rubber mallet not metal dammit! and as your friend bangs on the gas tank right aboot in the middle cycle the key on and off a couple times(dont try cranking yet) just go on off on off a few times then try start it. if you manage to get it to run get er fixed pronto cuz the pump will quit again guaranteed.... is there gas in it?

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

When will newbies learn to read? Or write? Or think?

posted by  srober32

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