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okay so i have a 94 accord ex, 4dr, 4cyc. I got the repair manual and looked at the timing belt intructions. I have a couple of questions. The second step says "Turn the engine to align the timing marks and set the cylinder No. 1 to TDC on the compression stroke. Once in this position, the engine must NOT be turned or disturbed." What does this mean?? turn the engine to align the timing marks? cylinder No. 1?? TDC??
Another question... after that step it says to "drain engine coolant. Use a clean container, cap or cover the container and wipe up spillage" Do they mean the coolant from the radiator?? if not, then how do i go about doing that?? This is a little more confusing than i thought. Please help...thanks for your replies

posted by  94accordprobs

1 theres timing marks on the timing belt gears they line up on marks on the timing cover or marks on the engine block the cam shaft gear will be similiar when these marks are set the first piston at the front of the engine will be at it top/upward most position (top dead center tdc)
by the warning it means you engine has no clearance between the valves in the open position and the top of the piston(this is were my boat anchor post comes in)if the timing marks are not set correctly and you start the engine the piston will hit the open valve and bend it(boat anchor)

2 engine coolant is the antifreeze in the rad yes drain it my guess here is that some of the bolts go into cooling jackets in the engine block and will need sealant put on before reinstalling by keeping the coolant clean you could reuse it but if its more than a couple years old it would be better to replace it and the thermostat while its drained(save posiable overheating problems this summer)

hope this helped

posted by  osborste

one pretest before turning the key if you decide to change the belt use the big bolt on the crankshaft to turn the engine over by hand/ratchet this will ensure you dont get a free boat anchor if the marks are off the engine will stop(piston hitting valves)to make it easier to turn remove the spark plugs you wont have to fight the compression of the engine

posted by  osborste

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