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Please help me I was going down the high way in the pour ing rain when all of a sudden my car lost power (I mean the engine stopped) and I had to coast to the shoulder. At first I though I ran out of gas but I put gas gas in and nothing. then a friend said it was my fuel pump so I replaced that and still nothing (this is getting expensive) so now I'm thinking spark plug wires or spark plugs themselves. It is so weird cause the engine turn over and it almost starts and it won't someone please help me figure this out I need my wheels

Oh duh it would help if you knew what kind of car this is Huh???

It is a 1987 Volkwagen Cabriolet With little Over 85,000 miles

Again please help

Thanks Much, Aldo :banghead:

posted by  mraldo

couple of checks can you hear the fuel pump running
is the fuel getting into the cylinders(check the plugs are they wet or dry)
are you getting spark at the plugs(use something non conductive to hold the plug and ground the threads to the block try starting any spark (blue and loud snap))

posted by  osborste

Thank for replying, I can hear the fuel pump when I try to crank it up, But should I check each plug with that method you metioned or just plug one
A friend just check plug one???. Also another quick question usually wires that are positive will have a distinguishing mark right/ cause this fuel pump has two red wire but one has a yellow line down it (I don't know ???)
Let me know if you know

Thanks much Aldo :banghead:

posted by  mraldo

check another plug to be sure
the wire with the stripe should be the positive feed from the relay
if you don't have spark could be one of three parts
1 the hall effect(pick-up inside distributor
2 bad ignition module
3 bad coil

posted by  osborste

So if I have the wire with the strip on the wrong contact it won't pump
in the right direction

Also should I have a full tank(or @ least A 1/4 tank) after I change the fuel pump to make sure it works.

Aldo :banghead:

posted by  mraldo

yep its a dc motor so i do believe it would go in reverse and not pump and a 1/4 of a tank is plenty to test you could use $2.00 worth to test it to :laughing: just need to be enough for the pump to pickup/draw from

posted by  osborste

Thanks osborste I will look @ it soon :clap:

posted by  mraldo

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