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I have this 95 lumina van and once started the battery guage needle goes up the the red line and fluxuates a bit.....this causes the vehicle to chug and stall as well as not start sometimes. We had the alternator replaced and a new battery put in but the problem still persists.....I cleaned all of the ground wires I could find as well and still no luck......So if any of you guys can help me out I would appreciate it greatly

posted by  bowmaster007

your charging system is shown seperate from all curcuits only charges battery
with electrical problem like this i would think a bad gauge or resister in the instrument panel to the gauge but that would not affect the starter
this could be a bad solinoid or bad starter
then all this could be happening because a bad connection at the ignition switch(not the key but the electrical switch further down the steering column)does or did the van ever have a remote starter installed ?

posted by  osborste

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