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I havent done it yet, but i was thinking about boring out my Mazda Mx-3. Its only a 4 cyl. but I was wondering if you need and modifications before doing that. Would it damage my engine if I were to bore it out without and other mods? Although its only a 4 cyl. it can get goin pretty fast (about 130) but it takes it about a year to get there lol. I was just trying to think of a good way to mod it because i can get it bored for free at my auto school when i go there in a couple months. If you have any comments that could help me, please feel free to post anything!

posted by  Napalm76

You could...but keep in mind not to bore it out too much or you can really mess up the cylinder walls. there shouldn't be any other modifications you NEED to do. also, you'll (obviously) need all new pistons and rings correctly matched to your cylinder bore size (i.e.) if you bore it .030 youll need .030 oversized pistons and rings. also are you looking to make it faster as in top speed or faster as in quicker acceleration?

posted by  Pinstriper38

here's an idea pick up another engine from a local wrecking yard for your car tell them its for a school project or something you just need the block and head complete all the other parts come of your's this way you keep your car on the road till the new engine is ready take your time rebuilding the engine and do thing right the first time your going to have access to the tools and equipment to do it :2cents:
take a look at dodgerida's post
thats a rebuild like no other :thumbs:

posted by  osborste

I suppose a little of both...As I said it takes a very long time to build up speed, so better acceleration would be a plus, but also, how could i object to a higher top speed? lol. If you have any other other suggestions Im open to them. Like I said, I can get it bored out for free with the boring machine at school and we all can bring in our cars to work on them so equipment and tools arent really a problem. Another thing I was wondering, if I were to bore it out, would higher flow fuel injectors be needed for it to reach its full potential? Or could I go without them (if needed at all that is). The main reason i chose this modification was because it can be done for free without spending money on just takes some work but hey thats better than spending an arm and a leg right? If you have any modifications that you feel would be better, feel free to let me know!
Thanks a lot for your previous information!

posted by  Napalm76

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