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I have a 1994 sunbird which I have replaced the tensioner wheel. Now I'm trying to replace the belt. Have it installed but can't get it the extra 1/4 inch to slip on the alternator wheel. Been told I need a special tool to loosen the tensioner, but where is the nut (besides the one standing next to the car)which decreases the gap in order to gain that 1/4 inch... HELPPP

posted by  winnie

might be easier to try and put the last bit of the belt on the idle pulley or tensioner which ever is the smooth one. you dont say what engine 4 or 6 cyl
the 4 cyl use a 15mm socket and ratchet to rotate tensioner the 6 cyl the end of the tensioner is square for a 3/4 (or 19mm) wrench will work to rotate
some tensioner have a 3/8 drive square cut into them for a ratchet

posted by  osborste

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