1994 Ford F-150 Shift and ABS problem

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I have a 1994 Ford F-150 4WD 5.8 Liter that i couldn't shift out of park. I located a sensor on the master cyl that had fried. I picked up the parts needed to replace and did so. My ABS light is flashing 11 times then a steady light for a second then 11 times over and over. I assumed that the fried sensor was causing the problem, but it dosen't seem that that is the case. I still have the same problem. Engine starts fine, but I cant take it out of gear ( I know I Have To Have My Foot On The Brake) to shift. Does anyone have a answer or what the 11 flashes might mean.


posted by  lpatten

code 11 is ecu failure(4 wheel abs system) if this is actually why it is flashing check the plug might be loose or unplugged mounted left side fender wheelwell
as for the shifting either the adjustment is out or the interlock unit/cable for the pedal to column is broken

posted by  osborste

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