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I have a '91 Grand Am that starts fine when it is cold. After driving about 30 minutes (long enough to get hot), if you turn it off & then try to crank it, nothing. All lights come on, radio,everything. My husband can take a large nail & touch the starter. He says he is touching 2 of the wires. While doing this, I turn the key & it cranks. The only other option is to let it sit till it cools down. This takes about an hour. We replaced the starter solenoid a little while ago & that's when it started. He just replaced the solenoid because he said the starter itself tested fine. If anyone can help, PLEASE!!!!

posted by  sher413

Odds are that something is binding inside of the starter/solenoid assembly. This is why I replace entire assemblies. While you are at it I would suggest replacing the positive cable if it looks frayed, lumpy, kinked, folded, spindled or mutilated.

posted by  srober32

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