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I recently purchased a keyless remote for my 94 Mustang GT Convertible and the instructions are not very clear. I am not sure what it looks like or where the transmitter is located and I need clearer instruction on how to program it when I finally locate the transmitter.


posted by  toots4357

is it a factory system that you bought a remote for? or an add on system?
if its a factory system you have the remote in hand , insert the ignition key in the swithch, shut the doors then cycle the key on/off three times ending up with the key on, you should see or hear the power locks lock and unlock by themselves and if so then hit any one of the buttons on the remote which will lock or unlock the doors again which tells you the remote is programed. if this don't work there is a hidden 2 wire open connector hidden behind the trunk covers, with the key in the ignition and turned on take a paper clip and ground the two wire ends together within the connector (black 2 wire connector) and then remove the paper clip and hit any of the buttons once on the remote,
ppauley/cobra freek

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You should have come here a month ago when he was still around :wink2:

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